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Eat Free On Your Birthday! Birthday Freebies! – October 12222

If you're a Sephora Beauty Insider, which I already was you can sign up free here , you can head to any Sephora during your birthday month for a free gift. Three failed attempts in a row had altered my mindset to expect the worst, so I was pleasantly surprised when I actually received a free gift at Sephora: two Nars lip pencils.

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I confirmed with the cashier that my coupon would work before ordering a chipotle black-bean burger. The transaction went smoothly, and I didn't owe a single penny. Burger in tow, I stopped in Baskin Robbins, where you can get a free birthday scoop after signing up for its Birthday Club. If you sign up to be a "Chunk Spelunker," you supposedly receive a free birthday scoop. While I didn't receive a birthday coupon I most likely signed up too late again , I did receive a free scoop for joining the eClub. Dunkin' Donuts was another wild card, as technically you have to sign up for the DD Perks Rewards Program to get a free beverage on your birthday.

It didn't seem to matter though, and the generous staff wanted me to celebrate with not only a complimentary coffee — but with two donuts as well. To continue the unhealthy streak, I found a Sbarro, which offers a free cheese or pepperoni slice with the purchase of a drink. Note: The first Moe's I went to was not a "participating location" and rejected my coupon. Check in with the cashiers before placing your order and verify that they will accept it.

All-You-Can-Use Birthday Coupons

I parked, walked in and walked out with a moist pumpkin muffin. Everyone loves birthday ice cream! Like Us. A free asiago parmesan with bacon scallion cream cheese from Bruegger's. GOOD Rewards member and you'll land a free meal on your birthday. Do you contact these sites?

Many of the coupons didn't require you to show up on your exact birthday, so I decided to save a few to use throughout my birthday week, including Buca di Beppo. If you sign up for the Birthday Club , you'll get a coupon for a free Italian ice. I signed up for both — here and here — and waited patiently for my free birthday coupons to arrive in my inbox.

Sadly, neither arrived, so I gave each restaurant a call the week of my birthday. The manager of the Gramercy Big Daddy's told me I signed up too late it takes a few weeks to a month to enter the system and start receiving Insider Club emails , so no burger and milkshake for me. The hostess at City Crab gave me the email address of the restaurant group's publicist the same restaurant group owns Big Daddy's.

After a few days traipsing through New York City, I ended up with eight purely free items and four discounted purchases, and spent about 15 of my own dollars. Sprinkles: If you join the birthday club , you'll get a delectable Sprinkles cupcake free on your special day.

5) The Olde English Pub

Dairy Queen: If you're a member of the Blizzard Fan Club , you'll get a free blizzard on your birthday. I had maxed out on ice cream for the week, but maybe next year. The Dead Poet: This New York bar lets you drink free on your birthday , if you share your birthday with a dead poet. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search".

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Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Kathleen Elkins and Arielle Berger. It's just a huge cookie. If you join their Prime Club , you'll get a free steak dinner on your birthday. The catch is, you can only use the deal once in your lifetime. But you also get a free dessert just for joining the club anyway, so it kind of balances out. Finally , a birthday gift that doesn't require your email address! It sounds like a secret society out of a Dan Brown novel, but it's actually just a rewards program.

Everyone loves birthday ice cream! Grab a cone on Carvel as a Fudgie Fanatic. We don't name these things, folks. Tell your server it's your birthday and, um, prove it, too , and you'll get a free bowl of ice cream and a song! You're welcome and sorry. The deal, probably not the sundae.

Meals for Steals: Birthday Freebies

What's better than ice cream with a friend on your birthday? If you're a Club member , you'll snag a free dessert on the day of your birth. Join the Corner eCafe and treat yo'self to a free birthday pastry. This probably isn't your top choice for a meal on your birthday, but what if we told you it'd give you both a free dessert and a song?

It's your birthday. You do you. This beloved Midwestern butter burger joint will give you one free sundae on your birthday if, and only if, you join its "club. Fans of the dessert served upside down, rejoice. If you're not pairing tacos with milkshakes on your birthday, you're doing it wrong. You don't have to sign up for any damn emails.

Birthday Freebies in NYC: Where Kids Eat Free and Get Gifts

The "ice cream of the future" is weirdly nostalgic, just like birthdays. Head down memory lane as a member of the Dot Crazy! Sip on a free beverage of choice on your birthday as a member of DD Perks. We don't know what the second D stands for now that it's just Dunkin' , but we'd like to think it stands for " dank. It's not just a clever name, they're literally edible rewards. You get a free egg sandwich on your birthday, when you join Einstein's e-club.

You'll also get a free bagel just for joining, congrats! You earned it!

Daily Updates

That is loco. Join Firehouse Rewards to get set up with a free medium sub on the big day. How much do you love Friendly's? On other occasions, you're probably the one giving the fancy chocolate. But on your birthday, you should be receiving the chocolate. Surprises are fun!

I got over $100 worth of free stuff on my birthday—here's where to find the best deals

Hit up the birthday party dream destination of many a year-old boy for 10 free wings as a member of the Hooters e-club. Join the Pancake Revolution for a free full stack of pancakes on your birthday. There are probably more important revolutions to join these days, but breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Stop into Johnny Rockets the week of your birthday and grab a free burger with the purchase of an entree and drink as a member of the Rocket eClub. If you're lucky, the donut maker will have its birthday cake donut on hand.

It's every Parrot Head's dream -- at least, besides living in Margaritaville. You can pick up a free Happy Meal on your birthday if you sign up for McDonald's email newsletter. Oh, and also, you have to be a kid to qualify. So, maybe save this one for your kid's birthday.

2. Jamba Juice

Just make sure you fondue it sorry before your birthday so the offer arrives in time. After you've stuffed yourself with free food everywhere else, Mimi's will bless you with a free Mixed Berry Muffin Sundae for dessert if you're a Mimi's EClub member. If you download Moe's mobile app , you'll secure a free burrito on your birthday, every year of your life.

Oh, and you get a free order of nachos just for joining.


We're not sure who Landry is, but they seem awfully nice. This is surely worth tolerating the promotional emails. Not really, but you might want to since it'll give you a free kids-sized vanilla sundae. You'll have Of Montreal stuck in your head all day, too. On your birthday, you can choose any entree for free with the purchase of another entree, which is great for birthday dates.

Or when you want to celebrate by eating twice. Chang's Preferred. All you have to do is have an online ordering account with Pizza Hut to get delivered free hot and fresh cinnamon sticks on your birthday. Slurp a free smoothie as a Birthday Club member , and with a name like that, who wouldn't want to be a Birthday Club member.