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Yelp annoys me when there's a large qualitative aspect to the review people giving bad reviews because a dive bar is divey, for instance but it's useful for things like this. In particular, owners who are really engaged and respond and address negative reviews, etc, are almost always a good find. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.

Last edited by Oneanddone on Tue Apr 19, pm, edited 1 time in total. Changing oil is the single most important thing to do to prolong your engine life and it is ok to do it miles but not more. Be careful of the teaser rates these chains give you. If you can do it yourself even better. If there is one thing to check it is that these places use the correct weight of oil rather than just what they have a good deal on.

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Last edited by Grt2bOutdoors on Tue Apr 19, pm, edited 1 time in total. For the record, I am the wife I appreciate the tips. They've always treated me well so I'm going to take it there.

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Does anyone know how hard it is to change the oil on a CR-V? I'm willing to try doing it myself. My manual recommends every 6k miles so that's what I'll do. From my experience, that price is not out of line. That is within the range I see where I live. I would go with synthetic oil to keep that new car running like new when it gets old.

Use the recommended weight of oil for your climate. Shopping around for the price of an oil change is a popular Boglehead activity. First time they left my air filter clamp open. Second time they tried to put in cheaper oil than I paid for they had 3 choices. Never went back.

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A friend had all her oil changes done at a quick change. She had her receipts since it was new. They cross threaded the oil plug and tried not to pay for repairs. Lucky for her she had never been anywhere else and had the receipts to prove it. They lost in small claims court. Don't go to quick change IMO. Everyone is out for the quick buck at the least cost but they are just a bit worse than most IMO and must be watched literally and checked after it is finished if you do use them.

Funny, I brought mine to a Jiffy Lube and put a new filter along with spark plugs. I took it to Jiffy a week or so later and when they showed me the filter it was full of leaves and debris. Best acting job it was obvious they dirty the filter themselves. Avoid them entirely.

I know change my own oil.

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Save on oil changes, brakes, wheel alignments, tires and more. See our When it's time for auto service or replacement tires, call the pros at Mr. Tire. Or, book. Save on discount tires, name-brand tires, oil changes, brakes and more at Mr. Tire Auto Our good better best ultimate oil change packages make it easy.

I guess even though its dirty and not worth saving 20 buck at least I know what I put in it. Also, at the same time you can flush out your transmission fluid along with radiator fluids as well. I took my truck to an independent last year for an oil change.

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When I got home, oil was leaking out of the bottom of my truck and all over my driveway. I checked the oil level, and it was about a quart low! I checked the filter, and it was tight. I checked the drain plug and it was tight. They just did a really sloppy job of removing the filter, draining the oil and refilling. They got oil all over the outside engine wall and suspension. I went back and was offered another "free" oil change and a "free" car wash.

I requested to see the owner and told him that I wanted my money back. He asked me to again take the "free" car wash and the "free" oil change. I told him that I did not trust their work and that for all the clean up I had to do I could have changed the oil myself. I got my money back. On the "quart low" issue, the owner said "what was a quart plus or minus". I really think they were shorting customers to make a little money.

While I was leaving, I heard one of the mechanics trying to sell an old lady a new air filter. She only had miles on the old filter, and it looked brand new to me. I got her to the side and told her that she didn't need a new air filter and that she should have her son take a look at it to verify my conclusion. To me this kind of activity borders on criminal. I don't know how these guys can sleep at night. Find another with people you can trust.

If they lie to you about the smaller things they'll lie about anything.

There are plenty of other shops offering oil change specials all the time. Whether the longer change intervals with synthetic are worth the extra cost is a personal decision. I either use the dealer or a trusted independent mechanic. I have used the quick-change places in the past with no apparent harm but feel much more comfortable where I know the people running the shop.

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The staff were friendly, honest and worked fast. Every tire quote includes the tires, plus mounting and balancing, alignment check, and more. Chris L. I had a great visit. Kenny is very professional and friendly and always makes my visit great!! Dean M.

Many folks on Honda forums are using 5W without incident, except maybe a tiny tiny drop in initial fuel economy. I'd bet that's why the shop recommended synthetic and what they were looking at under the hood would be the little sticker with the recommended oil weight - I don't think there is any conventional 0W oil. In their article, they noted that "Big-city cabs don't see many cold start-ups or long periods of high speed driving in extreme heat. But our test results relate to the most common type of severe service - stop-and-go city driving.

Anything else, conventional works just as well. While technically you can bring the car anywhere, as a practical matter when you do so if there is a problem later that is even remotely related to the service performed outside of the Honda network the dealer will shift the burden to you to prove that your non-Honda shop did not cause the problem. In many most places 0W is only available as a synthetic. When he saw that, he MAY have only had that in synthetic in stock and did not know that Honda makes a non-synthetic 0W Once the membership card is registered online, Pep Boys Rewards Club members can track their point accumulation.

The amount of additional shipping costs depends on the length and weight of your purchase. Check the website for more details Returns are accepted within 90 days of purchase, and can either be mailed or taken to any Pep Boys location.

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